Zuztertu a winner in the 2011 Future 100 awards
17 November 2011


ko-su makes it to the Sunday Times app list
14 June 2011

The ko-su app and open access mobile learning platform has been recognised for its innovativeness through its inclusion on the Sunday Time app...

Gwyneth Paltrow loves Pollock\'s Toy Theatre app
23 February 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow counts the Pollock\'s Toy Theatre app as one of her can\'t live without apps for the iPad.


Zuztertu finalist in Lambeth Business Awards
12 February 2011

Zuztertu has been shortlisted as...

ko-su live!
06 January 2011

ko-su is finally live!.

Pollock\'s Toy Theatre has arrived on the iPad
21 December 2010

Once upon a time, in Victorian London, a young boy named Benjamin Pollock was born. It was 1856 and the toy theatre trade was flourishing over in the...

Ko-Su Mobile Learning Platform Pilots at CFGS Tower Hamlets Girls Secondary.
15 December 2010

December 2010 saw the newly developed Ko-Su mobile learning platform begin its in-class pilot on iPod Touches at the CFGS Tower Hamlet Girl’s...

Zuztertu featured in new book
09 December 2010

Zuztertu has been featured in Emma Jones\'s new book \"Go Global\" published by Harriman House as a success story on how to be a globally trading...

A new standard set for interactive revision
12 October 2010

In collaboration with the educational publishers, 4science, Zuztertu has released a new revision app for students studying GCSE Biology.  It sets a...

Zuztertu releases an app to promote creative writing
13 April 2010

\"Three Little Penguins\" is the first of a series of mobile apps that Zuztertu will be releasing on the iTunes Appstore to promote creative writing....

Find Foxy brings Okido\'s much loved character to the iPhone
28 February 2010

Children\'s much beloved \"Find Foxy\" has now come alive on the iPhone.  The illustrations are as gorgeous as ever, but with the additional bonus...

Zuztertu\'s Music Theory Flashcards featured on the UK iTunes AppStore
14 January 2010

Zuztertu\'s Music Theory Flashcards app for Grade 5 has been featured on the UK iTunes AppStore. 

Zuztertu at the Technology World 2009
24 November 2009

Zuztertu is exhibiting at the UK Technology World 2009 in Coventry.

CEO Founder, Gerlinde Gniewosz, was interviewed at the event and talked about...

Zuztertu releases a Career Coaching tool
02 September 2009

Zuztertu released today its first career coaching tool for the iPhone. It was co-developed with Executive and Career Coach Hazel Russo. The application...

Zuztertu App tracks Continuing Professional Development
06 August 2009
Zuztertu has released a tool that allows iPhone users to track their continuing professional development (CPD) activities and...

Zuztertu promotes poetry
09 May 2009
Zuztertu is using the iPhone to promote the re-discovery and appreciation of poetry.  It has recently released selected poems of the famous...

Geography Quiz featured on the Australian iTunes Store
23 April 2009

Zuztertu releases Guide to London Museums
20 April 2009

Zuztertu has...

Zuztertu releases a Movie Quiz
27 March 2009

Zuztertu has...

Zuztertu releases a Science Quiz
15 March 2009

Zuztertu has...

Zuztertu releases a Mini-Course
27 February 2009

Zuztertu has...

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